3 Ways Certification Advances Your Career

In today’s competitive workforce, what will set you apart as a key player? How can you make more relevant contributions to your company while advancing your own career? Achieving the CDAL credential has numerous benefits.

1. Gain a Competitive Advantage

With this Certified Director of Assisted Living (CDAL) credential, you immediately make yourself more marketable. The certification indicates that you possess the knowledge and skills required to serve as an effective Executive Director. Having an executive director certification can open doors to new job opportunities. At the end of the day, if a prospective employer requests a certification that you don’t have, you might not get the job, or your pay might be set at the lower end of the range.

2. Earn Trust from Your Residents

Certification validates and professionalizes your job role, while boosting credibility. Those seeking certification commit time and energy to studying knowledge domains specific to senior living management. They answer difficult test questions that demonstrate that they have a proven skill set to meet resident needs and provide an enhanced customer experience. Certified executive director earn the right to proudly promote their tenure and experience in the industry. By bettering yourself, you enhance the experience for those you serve.

3. Boost Your Professional Confidence

The CDAL credential will help you objectively demonstrate your skill set and abilities, and then exude competence and confidence in the value you provide as a community leader.

Janis Knorr, CDAL, a proud executive director from Atria Senior Living shared, “I try every day to be a leader in my community, to demonstrate my commitment to the work that I’m doing.” In pursuing the certification, “we committed to hours of study, hours of experience, and this [credential] says that we’re meeting this higher standard of care and we’re going to deliver.”