The continuing knowledge and skill of assisted living community executive directors certified by the SLCC are major interests of the SLCC. The goal of recertification is for the SLCC to evaluate the continuing proficiency of certificants to ensure it is at a level that is satisfactory to the SLCC.

Assisted Living Community Executive Director Recertification is required every three (3) years. Within the three-year period, certificants may document no less than 30 hours of continued education from providers approved by the SLCC, or they must take and pass the certification examination for assisted living community executive directors. There is no grace period. Certificants whose certification expires must submit an application that satisfies the then-current requirements and pass the certification examination.

The SLCC recognizes that the methods and procedure employed in recertification differ from those used in the initial certification process.

1. Recertification seeks to ensure, through continuing education or re- examination, certificants’ continuing proficiency at least at the level required for initial certification.

2. Recertification encourages certificants to target their continuing education activities in topic areas that are required for competent performance in their role as assisted living community executive directors and essential to the maintenance of knowledge and skill.

3. Policy and procedure for recertification are incorporated in the published certification requirements provided by the SLCC.


Recertification Requirements

1. Certificants must submit a complete recertification application form that includes attestations regarding the continuing education credits reported. Applications will not be considered complete unless they include all required information, are signed by the applicant, and are accompanied by full payment of specified fees.

2. Recertification applications will be randomly selected for auditing. If audited, the certificant is responsible for submitting proof of continuing education. Proof of continuing education may be an original or copy of an official certificate of satisfactory completion awarded by the approved provider. If audited, the certificant authorizes the continuing education providers listed in the recertification application to provide the SLCC (or its contractor) with information substantiating the certificant’s continuing education.

3. The Executive Director will provide for the competent review of all applications. Certificants who are found to have met the criteria for recertification are awarded certification for the upcoming three-year period, beginning on the expiration of their current certification.

4. When certificants are found not to have met the criteria for renewal, they will be provided a clear written explanation of the deficiencies, with reference to applicable SLCC published requirements and policies.

5. Certificants whose applications for renewal are found to be incomplete or deficient will have 366 calendar days from the date they are notified of such to submit evidence that they have satisfied all requirements for renewal. Applicants who cannot or do not do so within this time and wish to be recognized as certified thereafter will be required to submit an entirely new application that will be evaluated against the then-current eligibility requirements.



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