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The Senior Living Certification Commission does not endorse or approve any programs or resources that are marketed or intended to prepare candidates to take the examination. These resources are not prerequisites of the CDAL certification program.


All the Information at Your Fingertips

The CDAL Candidate Handbook is your resource for CDAL deadlines, fees, eligibility requirements, and examination logistics.

CDAL Candidate Handbook

Resource Type Cost
PDF No Cost

The CDAL Candidate Handbook is a resource created by SLCC to provide candidates with more information on exam content, eligibility requirements, exam locations, application and examination fees, what to expect when taking the exam, exam preparation tips, recertification, and more.

The CDAL Candidate Handbook dives into details about the exam. Topics covered in this handbook include:

  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Domains of Knowledge
  • Application and Resignation Deadlines
  • Application and Examination Fees
  • Examination Center Locations
  • Cancellations
  • Examination Logistics
  • Examination Results

Online Practice Test

Resource Type Cost
Online Free with CDAL Application

The Senior Living Certification Commission’s (SLCC’s) 50-question, practice test is available to professionals preparing for the CDAL exam. The intent of the practice exam is to give you experience with online testing, the format of the questions, and the type of content that you will see on the actual exam. Upon conclusion of the practice test, you will receive a report informing you of how many questions were answered correctly. The report will contain each question, your response, the correct response, and an explanation of the correct answer.

E-Learning Course

Resource Type Cost
Online TBD

SLCC has created a digital training experience that consists of four sessions, each covering two domains to deepen candidates knowledge of the role of executive directors. E-learning empowers candidates to learn about their own pace with the ability to download case studies and resident assessments to review at a later date.