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Invest in the Backbone of Your Senior Living Communities

As a leader at your company, you understand that a compassionate, competent, and professional workforce is behind every successful senior living community. By providing these dedicated employees with an opportunity to obtain the Certified Director of Assisted Living (CDAL) credential and cultivate a sustainable career track, you position your company—and those who make it thrive—for greater success.

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Elevate Your Company Through Certification

The Assisted Living Executive Director Certification is a voluntary program that takes existing state licensing requirements to the next level. Widely-recognized as a mechanism to measure judgement, application of knowledge and problem-solving abilities, the CDAL credential creates a higher standard and builds a culture for excellence.

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Register all eligible individuals to obtain the CDAL credential today!

The CDAL Advantage:

Validate Knowledge and Earn Trust

Endorse your employees’ newly acquired skills while establishing credibility with your residents.

Build Employee Confidence

By obtaining the credential, employees can demonstrate how they are uniquely qualified to serve in the Executive Director role.

Retain Your Most Qualified Leaders

Certification gives employees a way to advance their careers within your company, instead of somewhere else

I think the CDAL designation definitely gives our professionals a sense of pride in their work. We’ve celebrated our CDALs at all of our large company meetings, we’ve shared their success on our websites, and I think it makes them very proud to be acknowledged for the professionals that they are.

Patricia Will, Founder & CEO, Belmont Village

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60 Participating Companies. 333 CDALs. Unlimited Potential for Growth.

Join the growing movement to improve the assisted living experience for all aging Americans.

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