Is Certification Right for You?

If you are considering whether certification is right for you, ask yourself these 3 simple questions.

1. Are you driven to succeed?

As an executive director, you’ve had to build a skill set through experience in order to best serve your community.

The CDAL exam measures competency along with your ability to apply that knowledge on the job. The test requires that you think outside the box and demonstrate the terrific experience that you have. If you meet the CDAL eligibility requirements, put your knowledge to the test and earn the recognition you deserve.

2. Do you believe education is an investment?

Knowledge boosts credibility. Through certification, you will be able to acquire a proven skill set to meet resident needs and provide an enhanced experience. Certification will demonstrate your commitment to your personal career growth, company, and field. If you believe in yourself, and your career path in senior living, make the investment today.

3. Do you want to work in a place that values growth?

Improving your credentials will advance your company. By approaching your CEO about investing in your certification, you are showing leadership and a desire to grow within the company and contribute in a more meaningful way to the company. It’s a win win.

Applications are open.