For the Public

The primary purposes for which SLCC is formed include the development and operation of certification programs for management professionals working in senior living communities. SLCC’s CDAL certification is a process intended to assure the public that assisted living community executive directors who are certified through the SLCC program have the appropriate credentials, training, and experience to manage assisted living communities proficiently, and that they have demonstrated the knowledge in essential disciplines by achieving a passing score on the SLCC certification examination for assisted living community executive directors.

Assisted Living Community Executive Directors are responsible for the overall management of assisted living communities. The executive director works to ensure residents’ choice, independence, individuality, dignity, quality of life, and quality of care in a home-like environment. Executive directors are also responsible for the work of staff, vendors, and providers, as well as the interests of residents, family members, owners, and other key stakeholders. They execute policies that address safety, risk, regulatory compliance, and quality, and provide overall direction for the community within guidelines set up by the owner, board of directors, or similar governing body. Additional responsibilities are resident and family relations. They plan, direct, or coordinate operational activities at the highest level of management with the help of staff managers.

The SLCC reviews and revises the certification examination(s) in accordance with test specifications based upon a validated job task analysis study. The SLCC uses a criterion-referenced passing point for the examination and adheres to accepted psychometric procedure that is appropriate for the program.

The SLCC has control over all matters related to this certification program and complete authority to certify individuals who qualify under its standards. The certification and recertification activities of the SLCC are carried out under its established policy and apply to all applicants and certificates.