Invest in the Gold Standard for Assisted Living

The Certified Director of Assisted Living (CDAL) credential is the gold standard for the assisted living industry. CDAL status is an achievement that is earned by individuals who demonstrate they have the knowledge required for extending quality care to residents and their family members.

By funding certification, you will provide employees the opportunity to fulfill their desire for professional growth while validating your internal professional development programs with third-party certification.


The Certified Director of Assisted Living (CDAL) credential takes existing state licensing requirements for assisted living to the next level. Widely-recognized as a mechanism to measure judgment, application of knowledge and problem-solving abilities, the CDAL credential creates a higher standard and builds a culture for excellence. Communities with CDAL-certified executive directors at the helm have a competitive advantage by ensuring the highest quality of care and service.

Why CEOs Are Prioritizing Executive Director Certification

CEOs are making company-wide commitments to executive director certification to validate internal professional development programs with third-party certification and to raise the bar for quality care in their communities. Learn more about how certification can benefit your community.

Elevate Your Company Through Certification

Validate Knowledge and Earn Trust

Endorse your employees’ knowledge while establishing credibility with residents and their families.

Build Employee Confidence

A professional certification validates an individual’s competencies and allows them to earn the recognition they deserve for their experience.

Retain Your Most Qualified Leaders

Show executive directors at your company that you value their professional development, career growth, and pursuit of excellence by funding certification.

I think the CDAL designation definitely gives our professionals a sense of pride in their work. We’ve celebrated our CDALs at all of our large company meetings, we’ve shared their success on our websites, and I think it makes them very proud to be acknowledged for the professionals that they are.

Patricia Will | Founder and CEO | Belmont Village