Certified Senior Living Administrator

3 Things You Should Know About the Test

If you are pursuing executive director certification, here are 3 things you should know about the test:

1. The Exam Focuses on 8 Knowledge Domains

The exam includes multiple-choice questions and is developed and built according to the 8 domains listed below.  The exam development is based on psychometrically validated procedures and testing industry standards. Castle Worldwide and the SLCC ensure the Certified Director of Assisted Living Examination is valid, reliable, statistically sound, and legally defensible.

Knowledge Domains (percent of test)

  • Resident Care and Services (14%)
  • Principles and Philosophy of Assisted Living (13%)
  • Customer Experience (13%)
  • Leadership (12%)
  • Operations Management (13%)
  • Regulatory Compliance (12%)
  • Financial Management (12%)
  • Sales and Marketing (11%)

2. You Design Your Own Study Plan

Candidates are free to choose how to prepare for the examination. For the convenience of professionals seeking to brush up on relevant leadership and management concepts, SLCC has an exam prep page with information and resources that may be of assistance.

3. Testing is Convenient

The Certified Director of Assisted Living Examination is an Internet-based exam, administered at testing centers across the country. Registration for the Certified Director of Assisted Living examination is rolling, and you specify the best date for your examination.