3 Things You Should Know About the Test

The SLCC’s Assisted Living Executive Director Certification is a voluntary program that takes existing state licensing requirements to the next level. The examination provides a mechanism to measure judgment, application of knowledge and problem-solving abilities for executive directors seeking to advance their career in senior living. If you are pursuing executive director certification, here are 3 things you should know about the test:

1. The Exam Focuses on 8 Knowledge Domains

The exam includes 150 multiple-choice questions and is developed and built according to the 8 domains listed below.  The exam development is based on psychometrically validated procedures and testing industry standards. Castle Worldwide and the SLCC ensure the Certified Director of Assisted Living Examination is valid, reliable, statistically sound, and legally defensible.

Knowledge Domains (percent of test)

  • Resident Care and Services (14%)
  • Principles and Philosophy of Assisted Living (13%)
  • Customer Experience (13%)
  • Leadership (12%)
  • Operations Management (13%)
  • Regulatory Compliance (12%)
  • Financial Management (12%)
  • Sales and Marketing (11%)


2. You Design Your Own Study Plan

Candidates are free to choose how to prepare for the examination. The Senior Living Certification Commission does not endorse or approve any programs or resources that are marketed or intended to prepare candidates to take the examination. For the convenience of professionals seeking to brush up on relevant leadership/management concepts, Argentum offers an Executive Director Primer. SLCC also offers the Official CDAL Practice Examination for purchase.


3. Testing is Convenient

Testing Logistics: The Certified Director of Assisted Living Examination is an Internet-based exam, administered at testing centers in all 50 states. Registration for the Certified Director of Assisted Living examination occurs bi-annually, and the testing period is open for approximately 3 months. You get to determine the best day and location for your exam. Review important testing dates here.

Exam Fees: Fees include application processing and all testing fees. To verify membership status, please contact membership@argentum.org.

  • Non-Member of Argentum: $650
  • Argentum State Partner Member: $575
  • Argentum Member (1-9): $500
  • Argentum Member Bulk (10-49): $450
  • Argentum Member Bulk (50+): $420

(Optional) Practice Test Fees:

  • Member/Non-member: $75

Purchase Practice Test


Examination Results: Results will be released to the candidate only. Examination results will be available within 60 days of the close of the testing window. Examination scores will be available through the online candidate system and will not be released by telephone or fax. When results are available, the candidate will receive an email with instructions on logging into the online system and accessing his/her score report. Results will not be released to a third party. In the case of an eligibility audit, examination scores will be held until the audit is complete.

For more information please refer to the CDAL Candidate Handbook.

Applications are open.