Hundreds of Professionals Earn Prominent CDAL Credential

The Senior Living Certification Commission (SLCC) is proud to recognize the hundreds of senior living professionals from various participating companies that have earned the Certified Director of Assisted Living (CDAL) credential.

Certified Directors of Assisted Living (CDAL) have demonstrated a high level of knowledge, ethical fitness, and leadership in the field of assisted living community management. To earn the CDAL credential, candidates must first submit an application satisfying professional experience requirements. Successful applicants must next pass the certification examination based on critical aspects related to assisted living community management.

Thank you to Welltower and HCP for their generous support of the CDAL program and executive directors.

The SLCC has conferred the CDAL credential on:

Kelly Adams, CDALExecutive DirectorChelsea Senior Living2016
Aaron Alexander, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2016
Cathy Allen, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2018
Jeanette Allen, CDALVP, Care and WellnessBalfour Senior Living2019
Jennifer Allen, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2016
Scott Ambrose, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2016
Katherine Amerson, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2017
Andy Anderson, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2018
Wilson Anhar, CDALExecutive DirectorThe Arbor Company2016
Angela Archibald, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2019
Catherine Armstrong, CDALArea DirectorBrookdale2016
Kenneth Arnold, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2019
James Arp, CDALExecutive DirectorBelmont Village Senior Living2016
Diane Atkinson, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2016
Jerrod Ayers, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2017
Patricia Baird, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Christopher Baker, CDALExecutive DirectorCivitas Senior Living2016
Benjamin Ballagh, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2019
Phill Barklow, CDALRegional Vice President – Southern CaliforniaAtria Senior Living2016
Derek Barney, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2018
Suzanne Baron, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Christopher Barstein, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2017
Debra Barth, CDALArea Director of Business PerformanceNew Perspective Senior Living2016
Maureen Basl, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Timothy Batton, CDALExecutive DirectorIntegral Senior Living2016
Mitchell Beam, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Brian Beausoleil, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2016
Marla Becker, CDALExecutive DirectorEra Living2016
Eileen Bennett, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2017
Linda Berens, CDALExecutive DirectorAlta Vita Senior Residences2016
Michael Berg, CDALExecutive DirectorLife Care Services2017
Corine Bernard, CDALExecutive DirectorVilla Siena2016
Rocco Bertini, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2016
Jerald Black, CDALExecutive DirectorHarbor Retirement Associates2017
Laura Blakeman, CDAL2019
Tim Boisseau, CDALAdministratorSilverado2016
Kelly Bojorquez, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2017
Theresa Bollea, CDALExecutive DirectorHeritage Woods2016
Lennie Boop, CDALSr. Executive DirectorBrookdale2016
April Bourdon, CDALExecutive DirectorBlue Harbor Senior Living2018
Angela Bowden, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Melissa Boyle, CDALExecutive DirectorHearth Management2016
Janet Bradley, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Margaret Breda, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2016
Donald Breneman, CDALVP of Risk Management & Business OperationsJuniper Communities2017
Linda Bresnahan, CDALExecutive DirectorEvolve Senior Living2017
Stephanie Brice, CDALExecutive DirectorCarlton Senior Living2017
Christine Brooks, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2018
Machella Brooks, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2017
Gary Brown, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2017
Gregory Brown, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Cassie Brueckbauer, CDALExecutive DirectorHometown Manor Assisted Living Communities2018
Jeanne Bruni, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2016
Kristin Bursey, CDALExecutive DirectorNew Perspective Senior Living2017
Brad Buschow, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Zachary Butcher, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Douglas Buttner, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2017
Sadi Buzdum, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2018
Justine Cabrera, CDALExecutive DirectorAffinity Living Group2018
Nicholas Camardo, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Barbara Camillo, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2017
Mitzy Campbell, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Joanne Carlin, CDALVP, Clinical ServicesWillis Towers Watson2017
Sandra Carlmark, CDALExecutive DirectorHearth Management2016
Chad Carnes, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Karen Case, CDALExecutive DirectorCedarbrook Senior Living2016
Jennifer Casper-Bourgeois, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2016
Monica Castillo, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2016
Heidi Charette, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2016
Ruth Cherop, CDALExecutive DirectorRetirement Center Management2018
Maureen Chippas, CDALExecutive DirectorBelmont Village Senior Living2017
Jena Christenbury, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Bonnie Christie, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2016
Kaitlyn Clarey, CDALAsst. Executive DirectorElder Care Alliance2018
Molly Clark, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Darryl Clemmer, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2017
Rhonda Coates, CDALExecutive DirectorWatercrest Senior Living2017
Erica Cohen, CDALExecutive DirectorHarbor Retirement Associates2016
Mary Cole, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2017
David Compton, CDALExecutive DirectorHHHunt Senior Living2016
Russ Conrad, CDALRegional Director of OperationsSenior Lifestyle2017
Jennifer Coons, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2016
Douglas Cormack, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2016
Elissa Corrado, CDALExecutive DirectorChelsea Senior Living2019
Heather Corton, CDALExecutive DirectorHarbor Retirement Associates2017
Denise Cousins, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2018
Noeline Cranston, CDALSr. Executive DirectorBenchmark2016
Marguerite Crockem, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Patricia Cronister, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Kayla Crowder, CDALExecutive DirectorCommonwealth Senior Living2018
Charles Crush, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2017
Dorothy Cryan, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2017
Christopher Culmore, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2016
Kimberly Curlee, CDALExecutive DirectorLifewell Senior Living2017
Susan Cwieka, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2019
Lisa Czolowski, CDALCEOHover Retirement Communities2016
Regina Dabb, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Kristen Dalrick, CDALExecutive DirectorHarbor Retirement Associates2017
William D’Andrea, CDALExecutive DirectorCountry Meadows Senior Living2017
Carla Davis, CDALExecutive DirectorDiscovery Villages2016
Sean Davis, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
John Dayock, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2016
Steve De Jesus, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2017
Tamara DeCaro, CDALExecutive DirectorThe Arbor Company2017
Julie Decoteau, CDALExecutive DirectorWingate Residences at Brewster Place2018
Anne DeMinico, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2016
Heather DeVore, CDALExecutive DirectorNew Perspective Senior Living2017
Diann DiFrancesco, CDALSr. VP of OperationsRetirement Center Management2018
Christina Ditman, CDALExecutive DirectorCountry Meadows Senior Living2016
Larry Dix, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2017
Monique Dixon, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Lisa Doerler, CDALResidence DirectorLegend Senior Living2018
Erin Domian, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Christine Doyle, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2016
Patricia Doyle, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Patrick Duffy, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2017
Lesa Duryea, CDALResidence DirectorLegend Senior Living2016
Julie Dyson, CDALResidence DirectorLegend Senior Living2018
Andy Eick, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2016
Nestor Eligio, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2019
Diana Engle, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2017
Brandon Erickson, CDALExecutive DirectorCivitas Senior Living2016
Christopher Etherington, CDALRegional Director of OperationsMBK Senior Living2016
Corrine Eubanks, CDALExecutive DirectorThe Arbor Company2017
Dana Evans, CDALExecutive DirectorIntegral Senior Living2017
Frank Evegan, CDALRegional Director of OperationsKaplan Development Group2017
Arthur Eyzaguirre, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2018
Alan Fairbanks, CDALExecutive Vice President of OperationsBickford Senior Living2017
Kim Fanning, CDALExecutive DirectorProvision Living2016
Holly Farrar, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Paula Felton-Werner, CDALRegional Operations SpecialistBelmont Village Senior Living2017
Eric Fennell, CDALExecutive DirectorBloom Senior Living2017
Julie Fenske, CDALExecutive DirectorRetirement Center Management2018
Jessica Ferraro-Latimer, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Andrea Fichtner, CDALExecutive DirectorLegend Senior Living2018
Linda Fischer, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2017
Jason Fisher, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Randy Fleenor, CDALExecutive DirectorRetirement Center Management2017
Bradlee Foerschner, CDALExecutive DirectorBelmont Village Senior Living2016
Josh Fogg, CDALExecutive DirectorCivitas Senior Living2017
Christina Foley, CDALManager of EducationMass-ALA2016
Liana Foote, CDALExecutive DirectorIntegral Senior Living2018
Jennifer Forbes, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Amber Foster, CDALExecutive DirectorCommonwealth Senior Living2017
Douglas Fouche, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Michael Fountain, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2016
Kathy Franke, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Janet Franz, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Jeremy Freeman, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2018
Brandie French, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Cindy Frick, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2016
Jacqueline Friel, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2017
Crystal Friend, CDALCampus Executive DirectorCountry Meadows Senior Living2018
Julianne Fries, CDALExecutive AdministratorAugustana Care2017
Paola Fusaro, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2017
Daizel Gasperian, CDALRegional VP of OperationsSilverado2016
Jacquelyn Gaulin, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2016
Jacqueline Geiger, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2017
Leonard Gibson, CDALExecutive DirectorHarbor Retirement Associates2016
Rachel Giffhorn, CDALExecutive DirectorIntegral Senior Living2016
Royce Gilder, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2017
Amanda Gill, CDALExecutive DirectorThe Arbor Company2016
Christopher Gillies, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2016
James Glanville, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2019
Marilyn Goldstein, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2017
Christopher Golen, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2016
Michael Gommi, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2019
Jessica Gonzalez, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2017
Richard Govoni, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2019
Toni Gozzo, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2017
Jonathan Graf, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Justin Graves, CDALExecutive DirectorRetirement Center Management2018
Kimberly Greer, CDALExecutive DirectorSenior Lifestyle2018
Robert Grossman, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Marie Gurnik, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Ugur Gursu, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2016
Patricia Gustin, CDALExecutive DirectorIntegral Senior Living2018
Shannon Gutierrez, CDALRegional Vice President of Community OperationsSilverado2016
Erin Gutsmiedl, CDALAdministratorSilverado2016
Kim Haberkorn, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Stacie Hackl, CDALExecutive DirectorNew Perspective Senior Living2018
Tricia Haffner-Hodge, CDALOperations SpecialistFive Star Senior Living2016
Sandy Hall, CDALRegional Director of OperationsBlue Harbor Senior Living2016
Nancy Halleck, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2018
Tighe Hammam, CDALAdministratorEskaton2019
Randy Hampton, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2018
Gary Handley, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2019
Jeanne Hansen, CDALExecutive DirectorBelmont Village Senior Living2016
Pamela Hardesty, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2018
Kelly Harms, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2016
Sarah Harness, CDALExecutive DirectorBelmont Village Senior Living2016
Amy Harr, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Lanny Harvey, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2017
Laura Harvey, CDALExecutive DirectorLife Care Services2017
Stephanie Harville, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2019
Sammy Hassan, CDALAdministratorSilverado2016
Susan Haws, CDALResidence DirectorLegend Senior Living2016
Traci Hayden, CDALResidence DirectorLegend Senior Living2019
Susan Haynes, CDALExecutive DirectorThe Arbor Company2016
Michele Helffrich, CDALExecutive DirectorBelmont Village Senior Living2016
Robin Helzerman, CDALExecutive Director2016
Robert Henderson, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2018
William Henson, CDALPresident and CEOWentworth Senior Living2017
Donna Hermann, CDALExecutive DirectorBelmont Village Senior Living2016
Christina Hess, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Amy Hesselgrave, CDALExecutive Director2018
Donna Hester, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2017
John Higgins, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Melissa Hingher, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2017
Lauren Hlavinka, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Anne Hoefferle, CDALExecutive DirectorHearth Management2016
Annette Hoeksema, CDALExecutive DirectorCedarhurst Senior Living2016
Michael Hoffman, CDALExecutive DirectorSagora Senior Living2016
Pamela Holcomb, CDALExecutive DirectorCivitas Senior Living2016
Shannoa Holt, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2017
Doreen Hoos, CDALAdministratorEclipse Senior Living2018
Michael Hoots, CDALVP of Facility ServicesMaxwell Group2017
Joseph Horwitz, CDALExecutive DirectorHCR Manorcare2017
Colleen Howard, CDALExecutive DirectorDanbury Senior Living2017
Arlene Hsu, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Anna Hughes-Papich, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Lisa Hunt, CDALSr. Executive DirectorIntegral Senior Living2016
Andrea Hunter, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Kristina Hylton, CDALExecutive DirectorIntegral Senior Living2016
Louis Iannuccilli, CDALExecutive DirectorLCB Senior Living2016
Tracey Ingleman, CDALExecutive DirectorCarlton Senior Living2017
Robert Ingram, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2017
Elizabeth Irrizarry, CDALExecutive Director2017
Lynn Irvine, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2017
Randy Jackson, CDALArea DirectorHHHunt Senior Living2016
Tommy Jackson, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2017
Amie James, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Brenda Jarmer, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Cheryl Jaskiewicz, CDALChief Operating OfficerPinnacle Senior Living2016
Cassandra Jenkins, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2018
Kathleen Johannsen, CDALSr. Executive DirectorAtria Senior Living2016
Robert Johns, CDALExecutive DirectorAmerican House Senior Living2016
Bethany Johnson, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Kevin Johnson, CDALExecutive DirectorNew Perspective Senior Living2017
Tracy Johnson, CDALExecutive DirectorThe Arbor Company2017
Erica Jones, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2019
Kyle Jones, CDALRegional Director of OperationsAffinity Living Group2016
Heather Junta, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Marty Katz, CDALExecutive DirectorAllegro2016
Vanessa Kavanaugh, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2018
Tina Keating, CDALExecutive DirectorBlue Harbor Senior Living2018
Bobbi Kelley, CDALExecutive DirectorLife Care Services2017
Barb Kelly, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Dawn Kempf, CDALVice PresidentThe Garlands of Barrington2016
Kelly Kiggins, CDALExecutive DirectorHearth Management2016
Dave Kloster, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Melisa Knapp, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Janis Knorr, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2016
Jennifer Kopp, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Jennifer Kornmann, CDALExecutive DirectorIntegral Senior Living2016
Sandra Korzeniewski, CDALVP of Quality Assurance & Regulatory ComplianceAffinity Living Group2016
Dawn Koudelka-Nero, CDALExecutive DirectorWallick Communities2018
Desiree Krajnyak-Baker, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2017
Lynda Krill, CDALSr. General ManagerMerrill Gardens2016
Frank Krohnert, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2018
Tammy Kuhlman, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2017
Meredith Kuhn, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2016
Jennifer Kuzmech, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2016
Jennifer LaCroix, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2017
Jo-Lynn Lamb, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2018
Jamie Lancaster, CDALExecutive DirectorLife Care Services2016
Kristin Landahl, CDALExecutive DirectorLife Care Services2017
pamela landers, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2018
Barry Landreth, CDALExecutive DirectorSenior Lifestyle Corp.2016
Bobby Lane, CDALVP of WellnessCivitas Senior Living2017
Jessica Lapic, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Jacklyne Larkins, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Deanna Lawrence, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2017
Samantha Lawrence, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2016
Kendra Lawson, CDALCorporate Director of OperationsRetirement Center Management2018
Angela Layfield, CDALExecutive DirectorLife Care Services2017
Reynaldo LeBlanc, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2018
Christina Lee, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Esmerelda Lee, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2017
Rodney Lege, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2017
Andrew Levin, CDALSr. Executive DirectorAtria Senior Living2017
Laura Lewis, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Lisa Lewis, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2017
Tammy Lilly, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Shanna Lindsey, CDALArea Executive DirectorAutumn Leaves2018
Ashley Lodi, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Margaret Longstreth, CDALArea Director East Coast Florida, Executive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Oscar Luna, CDALExecutive Director12 Oaks Senior Living2016
Kimberly MacDonald, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Stephen MacDonald, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Julianne Mackey, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2018
Alberto Maldonado, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2016
Jason Malone, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Alison Manasso, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2016
Adam Manchester, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2017
Jennifer Marcus, CDALExecutive DirectorVista Prairie at Copperleaf2017
Kara Marinko, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
John Maroon, CDALExecutive DirectorAutumn Leaves2017
Maria Martin, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2016
Shaun Mastroianni, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2016
Derrick Mathis, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Angela Mattson, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Kristin McClelland, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2017
Patti McFann, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Theresa McFarlin, CDALExecutive DirectorChandler Family Care Services2019
Bill McGinley, CDALPresident & CEOAmerican College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA)2016
Susan McGowen, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2018
Kellie McHugh, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2017
Nanette Meeler, CDALRegional Director of OperationsLegend Senior Living2017
Mary Mell, CDALExecutive DirectorKensington Senior Living2016
Shawna Mellott, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2017
Robert Memmolo, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2016
Alton Mendleson, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
William Menoche, CDALExecutive DirectorArbor Rose at Jerome Home2018
Freda Meyer, CDALExecutive DirectorThe Arbor Company2018
Marie Milano, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2016
Carol Miller, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2019
Tara Miller, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2016
Julia Milne, CDALExecutive DirectorPathway to Living2018
Margaret Minichini, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2016
Holly Minnis, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2017
Andrew Mireles, CDALExecutive Director2018
Mark Miron, CDALExecutive DirectorAmerican House Senior Living2016
Lana Mishey, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Kadine Mitchell, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2016
Julia Monroe, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2017
Giovanni Montague-Sneed, CDALVice President of Resident Care ~ East RegionCommonwealth Senior Living2018
Ian Monteith, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Paula Moore, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Brittany Moreau, CDALRegional Director of OperationsEclipse Senior Living2016
michelle moros, CDALExecutive DirectorBelmont Village Senior Living2018
James Morris, CDALExecutive DirectorLife Care Services2019
Kenneth Morrison, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2017
Regina Moschik, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Ellen Moyle, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2017
Tammy Mullins, CDALExecutive DirectorSenior Lifestyle Corp.2017
Douglas Murphy, CDALSenior Executive DirectorBenchmark2016
Stacy Murphy, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2018
Maria Nadelstumph, CDALVP of Organizational Development & Program ExcellenceBrandywine Living2017
Diane Navarro, CDALRegional Director of OperationsMBK Senior Living2018
Kendal Nelson, CDALCorporate Director of Special ProjectsSagora Senior Living2017
Rachael Nelson, CDALExecutive DirectorCivitas Senior Living2017
Michelle Neumann, CDALAdministratorSilverado2016
Stephen Nichols, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2016
Dana Nix, CDALAdministratorSilverado2017
Peter Nixdorff, CDALExecutive DirectorCarlton Senior Living2017
Starr Noles, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Karen Nordby, CDALExecutive DirectorEra Living2016
Eric Nuckles, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Caitlin O’Donovan, CDALExecutive DirectorBelmont Village Senior Living2016
Jill OBrien, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Nora O’Brien, CDALExecutive DirectorWillow Towers2018
Christine Ogden, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Jerrilynn O’Neill, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2017
John Orten, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2019
John Orten, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2019
Jacob Osaer, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Alicia Owens, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2018
Julia Paima, CDALSr. Executive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2017
Amanda Palace, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2018
Katie Palamara, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2018
Rachelle Park, CDALExecutive DirectorBelmont Village Senior Living2016
Joan Parker, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2016
Susan Parker, CDALExecutive DirectorCountry Meadows Senior Living2017
Sheena Parton, CDALExecutive DirectorLife Care Services2016
Amber Patton, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Luann Paul, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Keith Payne, CDALExecutive DirectorBelmont Village Senior Living2016
Naomi Peacock, CDALResidence DirectorLegend Senior Living2019
Roger Peden, CDALExecutive DirectorSenior Living Communities2017
Richard Pedersen, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2016
Elizabeth Peters, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2016
Brandon Petersen, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2017
Jan Peterson, CDALSr. Executive DirectorAtria Senior Living2016
Tod Petty, CDALPresident & CEOMainstay Senior Living2016
Susan Phillips, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Kathleen Pietrocola, CDALExecutive DirectorChelsea Senior Living2018
Julie Pitsenbarger, CDALPresident3 Strands Consulting2018
Charles Placek, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2016
Bonnie Pollard-Johnson, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2017
Mary Posse, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2017
Larry Potter, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2018
Philip Potts, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Alisha Pratt, CDALExecutive DirectorLife Care Services2019
Laura Printy, CDALSr. AdministratorSilverado2016
David Pruett, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Mark Pulaski, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2018
Margaret Quinn, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Nancy Randhawa, CDALRegional Vice President of OperationsCarlton Senior Living2018
Betsy Randolph, CDALExecutive Director2019
Suzanne Rapoza, CDALVice President Health Resources/ AdministratorWentworth Senior Living2018
Todd Raymond, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2016
Bryan Reamer-Yu, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2016
Victoria Reddy, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Michael Reed, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2017
Melissa Repkoe, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2016
Sharon Reynolds, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Sara Reyst, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Max Rheinhardt, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2018
Beth Richardson, CDALExecutive DirectorThe Arbor Company2017
Jessica Richardson, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Peter Richardson, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2018
Samuel Richardson, CDALExecutive DirectorLife Care Services2018
Jake Rightmyer, CDALExecutive DirectorLife Care Services2018
Francesca Rincon, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2018
Kristy Ritch, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Margaret Roberson, CDALResidence DirectorLegend Senior Living2016
Rosalind Roberts, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Susan Roberts, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2017
Shana Robertson, CDALExecutive DirectorIntegral Senior Living2016
Richard Robison, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2017
Joshua Rochester, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Claudia Rodriguez, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Luis Rodriguez, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Angela Roher, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
June Rose, CDALResidence DirectorLegend Senior Living2016
Kristi Rose, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2018
Carla Rosson, CDALAssisted Living ManagerRoyal Oaks Care Center2018
Thomas Rotz, CDALExecutive DirectorSenior Star Management2018
Steve Rovner, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2017
Mischele Ruehl, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Steven Rule, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Mary Beth Rutenis, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Janice Ryalls, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Theresa Ryhal, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Melissa Ryland, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Erin Sakmar, CDALExecutive DirectorAmerican House Senior Living2017
Louis Salerno, CDALExecutive DirectorCivitas Senior Living2017
Nathan Salisbury, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Marian Sanchez, CDALExecutive DirectorPegasus Senior Living2016
Rosita Sandell, CDALCommunity Operations DirectorMerrill Gardens2018
Stephen Sanford, CDALExecutive DirectorAllegro2016
Julia Santeliz, CDALRegional DirectorCherry Oak Senior Living2017
Roxanne Sarrett, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Ashley Scalzo, CDALExecutive DirectorChelsea Senior Living2018
Dan Scansen, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2018
Michael Schaedig, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2018
John Schaum, CDALExecutive DirectorThe Arbor Company2017
Philip Schlotter, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2016
Kleoniki Schmidt, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2018
Rhett Scircle, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Mark Scroggin, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2017
Sarah Searles, CDALExecutive DirectorSenior Lifestyle Corp.2016
Ed See, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Sarah Shackleton, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2019
Deanna Shaffer, CDALResidence DirectorLegend Senior Living2016
Bridget Sharp, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Michelle Shepard, CDALResidence DirectorLegend Senior Living2016
Audie Sherberg, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2016
Gilbert Shew, CDALChief Administrative OfficerMcCready Manor, Inc.2017
David Shymkiw, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Alma Sigala, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2018
Linda Silveira, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2016
Callie Simmons, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Pamela Skiba, CDALExecutive DirectorWatermark Retirement Communities2017
Melinda Skirvin, CDALRegional Director of OperationsFive Star Senior Living2016
Angela Smith, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2017
Jeffery Smith, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2017
Jenna Smith, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2019
Jennifer Smith, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2017
Kimberly Smith, CDALPresident / Executive DirectorThrive Senior Living2017
Sherry Smith, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2018
Nancye Snyder, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2017
Nic Snyder, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Susan Snyder, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2018
Krista Solomon, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2016
Nicole Southey, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
David Souza, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Tammy Speece, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2017
Kristen St. Jean, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2017
Brian Stensler, CDALQuality Enhancement DirectorAtria Senior Living2017
Pamela Stento, CDALExecutive DirectorHearth Management2018
Matthew Stevenson, CDALRegional Operations SpecialistBelmont Village Senior Living2016
Laura Stewart, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2017
Jennifer Stratton, CDALExecutive DirectorThrive Senior Living2017
Clinton Strickland, CDALExecutive DirectorBelmont Village Senior Living2017
Susan Strutner, CDALExecutive DirectorAccess Senior Transitions LLC2016
Rosalie Sullivan, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2017
Sherry Sullivan, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2016
Aleksandrina Taskov, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2018
Don Tawney, CDALVP of OperationsCivitas Senior Living2017
Katherine Taylor, CDALCampus Executive DirectorCapri Communities2016
Katherine Tazawa, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Stephanie Templeton, CDALExecutive DirectorIntegral Senior Living2016
Lori Terhaar, CDALExecutive DirectorNew Perspective Senior Living2016
Lynn Thaxton, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Gwen Thibault, CDALDivisional Vice PresidentLegend Senior Living2017
Kelly Thomas, CDALExecutive DirectorLegend Senior Living2017
Tommy Thomas, CDALVP of OperationsCivitas Senior Living2016
Linn Thome’, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2016
Christine Thompson, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2016
Shelley Thompson, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2016
Theresa Ton, CDALQuality Enhancement DirectorAtria Senior Living2017
Peter Touborg, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2017
Lucy Townsend, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2017
Tiffany Tribble, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2017
Jennifer Tucker, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Brea Turner, CDALAdministratorBrookdale2018
Lee Ann Tyburski, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2016
Gary Tyson, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Tresa Vaudreuil, CDALDivisional Dementia Care ManagerBrookdale2018
Margarida Velardo, CDALExecutive DirectorAtria Senior Living2016
Suzanne Venema, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Jodi Vento, CDALArea DirectorBrookdale2016
Cooper Vittitow, CDALExecutive DirectorCivitas Senior Living2017
Kelly Vogel, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2017
John Walczak, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2016
Jeremy Walker, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Rebecca Waller, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Dorine Ward, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant2018
Rodney Washburn, CDALExecutive DirectorMBK Senior Living2016
Kristina Watanabe Hylton, CDALExecutive DirectorIntegral Senior Living2016
eugenia welch, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Joyce Welch, CDALGeneral ManagersMerrill Gardens2018
Caroline Weldon, CDALExecutive DirectorThe Arbor Company2016
Tab Werner, CDALExecutive DirectorRetirement Center Management2018
China West, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Mike West, CDALExecutive Director2016
Sandra West, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark2017
Ashley Weyandt, CDALExecutive DirectorNew Perspective Senior Living2017
Elizabeth Whittington, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2017
Elizabeth Widell, CDALResidence DirectorLegend Senior Living2018
Sharon Wild, CDALExecutive DirectorSagora Senior Living2016
Smitty Wiley, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2017
Sharon Will, CDALResidence DirectorLegend Senior Living2016
Ken Williams, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2017
Kimberly Williams, CDALExecutive DirectorAllegro2016
Mary Williams, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2018
Rebecca Williams, CDALExecutive DirectorEclipse Senior Living2016
Erica Willis, CDALExecutive DirectorLifewell Senior Living2017
Lindsay Willis, CDALExecutive DirectorHarbor Retirement Associates2016
Amy Willner, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2017
Deana Wilson, CDALExecutive DirectorPresence Life Connections2017
John Wiman, CDALExecutive DirectorNew Perspective Senior Living2017
Donna Winegar, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living2016
Paula Withers, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Heather Wojcik, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2017
Barbara Woodward-Boonstra, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale2016
Deborah Woodworth, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2017
Kendra Words, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living2016
Amy Wright, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Scott Yaeger, CDALExecutive DirectorChelsea Senior Living2018
Kathi Yap, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Veronica Yestrumskas, CDALExecutive DirectorHarbor Retirement Associates2016
Shannon Yunn, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2018
Alexandra Zabroske, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens2017
Jennifer Zacharek, CDALExecutive DirectorHearth Management2016
Johanna Zandstra, CDALVice President of OperationsProvidence Life Services2018
Heather Zeiss, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living2016
Zachary Zerbonia, CDALSenior Regional Vice President, SoutheastBrookdale2016
Julia Zoss, CDALExecutive DirectorWatercrest Senior Living2018
Kerri Zwolak, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living2017
Jeffrey Zylstra, CDALCommunity ManagerProvidence Life Services2018
Michael Zywicki, CDALAdministratorSilverado2016