Senior Living Certification Commission Announces 100 New Certified Directors of Assisted Living

Senior Living Certification Commission Announces 100 New Certified Directors of Assisted Living

More than 400 senior living professionals have now earned the CDAL credential

Alexandria, Va. – February 21, 2018 – The Senior Living Certification Commission (SLCC) has announced a new class of 100 senior living professionals who have earned its Certified Director of Assisted Living (CDAL) credential. Since the CDAL program’s launch in 2016, 433 professionals have now received the credential.

The SLCC’s CDAL program was developed by practicing subject matter experts in senior living and is based on the unique knowledge and skills required by the executive director, as identified through an extensive job analysis. Certification demonstrates attainment of consistent, relevant, measurable, and industry-recognized standards of practice in the assisted living executive director role.  

“I congratulate each of these individuals who have joined the growing ranks of Certified Directors of Assisted Living,” said Tim Buchanan, SLCC chairman and Legend Senior Living CEO. “The commitment shown by our professionals to earn this high-standard industry credential demonstrates their drive for professional growth and their increasing abilities to provide the most capable leadership within the industry. I also wish to encourage all other qualified assisted living professionals to apply for the opportunity to achieve this credential.”

The CDAL examination provides a mechanism to measure judgment, application of knowledge, and problem-solving abilities. It is comprised of questions in the following knowledge domains: Principles and Philosophy of Assisted Living; Resident Care and Services; Customer Experience; Leadership; Operations Management; Regulatory Compliance; Sales and Marketing; and Financial Management.

Successful completion of the CDAL exam is one of the requirements for attaining certification through the SLCC. Registration is now open for the testing period taking place this spring from March 12-June 1. April 17 marks the registration deadline. Professionals can apply at any time to ensure eligibility at

To date, candidates employed by 74 senior living provider companies have participated in the CDAL program; 32 of which participated in the most recent testing window, including: Augustana Care, Belmont Village Senior Living, Benchmark Senior Living, Brandywine Living, Brightview Senior Living, Brookdale, Carlton Senior Living, Cherry Oak Senior Living, Civitas Senior Living, Commonwealth Senior Living, Country Meadows Senior Living, Elmcroft Senior Living, Enlivant, Evolve Senior Living, Five Star Senior Living, Harbor Retirement Associates, HCR ManorCare, LCS, Lifewell Senior Living, McCready Manor, Inc., Merrill Gardens, New Perspective Senior Living, Presence Life Connections, Retirement Center Management, Senior Lifestyle Corp., Senior Living Communities, Sunrise Senior Living, The Arbor Company, Thrive Senior Living, Watercrest Senior Living, Watermark Retirement Communities, and Wentworth Senior Living.

“The Certified Director of Assisted Living program raises the bar across the industry, allowing leaders the opportunity to earn a credential that recognizes their experience, competence, and professionalism in the executive director role,” said Loren Shook, Argentum Board of Directors chairman and Silverado CEO. “It demonstrates to consumers and state regulators that the senior living industry is committed to rigorous, professional development, and self-regulation in an effort to deliver the best quality of life possible.”

The CDAL recipients from the Fall 2017 class are listed below; a full listing of all current CDALs to-date is available online.

Fall 2017 CDAL CLASS

Katherine Amerson, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living
Maureen Basl, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Michael Berg, CDALExecutive DirectorLCS
Jerald Black, CDALExecutive DirectorHarbor Retirement Associates
Janet Bradley, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Linda Bresnahan, CDALExecutive DirectorEvolve Senior Living
Stephanie Brice, CDALExecutive DirectorCarlton Senior Living
Kristin Bursey, CDALExecutive DirectorNew Perspective Senior Living
Nicholas Camardo, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Chad Carnes, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale
Molly Clark, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Rhonda Coates, CDALExecutive DirectorWatercrest Senior Living
Heather Corton, CDALExecutive DirectorHarbor Retirement Associates
Kimberly Curlee, CDALExecutive DirectorLifewell Senior Living
Regina Dabb, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
William D’Andrea, CDALExecutive DirectorCountry Meadows Senior Living
Tamara DeCaro, CDALExecutive DirectorThe Arbor Company
Diana Engle, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens
Corrine Eubanks, CDALExecutive DirectorThe Arbor Company
Frank Evegan, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living
Holly Farrar, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Randy Fleenor, CDALExecutive DirectorRetirement Center Management
Josh Fogg, CDALExecutive DirectorCivitas Senior Living
Amber Foster, CDALExecutive DirectorCommonwealth Senior Living
Jacqueline Friel, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living
Julianne Fries, CDALExecutive AdministratorAugustana Care
Paola Fusaro, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living
Jacqueline Geiger, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant
Marilyn Goldstein, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living
Jessica Gonzalez, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living
Jonathan Graf, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Kim Haberkorn, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale
Laura Harvey, CDALExecutive DirectorLCS
William Henson, CDALPresident and CEOWentworth Senior Living
Shannoa Holt, CDALExecutive DirectorElmcroft Senior Living
Joseph Horwitz, CDALExecutive DirectorHCR Manorcare
Tracey Ingleman, CDALExecutive DirectorCarlton Senior Living
Bobbi Kelley, CDALExecutive DirectorLCS
Melisa Knapp, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale
Jennifer Kopp, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Tammy Kuhlman, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant
Kristin Landahl, CDALExecutive DirectorLCS
Jessica Lapic, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale
Deanna Lawrence, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living
Angela Layfield, CDALExecutive DirectorLCS
Esmerelda Lee, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant
Kimberly MacDonald, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Stephen MacDonald, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Jason Malone, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Adam Manchester, CDALExecutive DirectorBenchmark Senior Living
Derrick Mathis, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Angela Mattson, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Kristin McClelland, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant
Julia Monroe, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant
Ian Monteith, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Ellen Moyle, CDALExecutive DirectorBrandywine Living
Tammy Mullins, CDALExecutive DirectorSenior Lifestyle Corp.
Rachael Nelson, CDALExecutive DirectorCivitas Senior Living
Peter Nixdorff, CDALExecutive DirectorCarlton Senior Living
Jill O’Brien, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Jerrilynn O’Neill, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant
Joan Parker, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant
Roger Peden, CDALExecutive DirectorSenior Living Communities
Brandon Petersen, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant
Margaret Quinn, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Susan Roberts, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant
Richard Robison, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living
Claudia Rodriguez, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Luis Rodriguez, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Louis Salerno, CDALExecutive DirectorCivitas Senior Living
Nathan Salisbury, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Julia Santeliz, CDALRegional DirectorCherry Oak Senior Living
Roxanne Sarrett, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Rhett Scircle, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Mark Scroggin, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens
Ed See, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Gilbert Shew, CDALChief Administrative OfficerMcCready Manor, Inc.
Pamela Skiba, CDALExecutive DirectorWatermark Retirement Communities
Angela Smith, CDALExecutive DirectorFive Star Senior Living
Jeffery Smith, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant
Jennifer Smith, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens
Kimberly Smith, CDALPresident/Executive DirectorThrive Senior Living
Laura Stewart, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living
Clinton Strickland, CDALExecutive DirectorBelmont Village Senior Living
Rosalie Sullivan, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens
Tiffany Tribble, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant
Cooper Vittitow, CDALExecutive DirectorCivitas Senior Living
Kelly Vogel, CDALExecutive DirectorEnlivant
Eugenia Welch, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Ashley Weyandt, CDALExecutive DirectorNew Perspective Senior Living
Smitty Wiley, CDALExecutive DirectorBrookdale
Erica Willis, CDALExecutive DirectorLifewell Senior Living
Deana Wilson, CDALExecutive DirectorPresence Life Connections
John Wiman, CDALExecutive DirectorNew Perspective Senior Living
Heather Wojcik, CDALExecutive DirectorBrightview Senior Living
Deborah Woodworth, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens
Amy Wright, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Kathi Yap, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living
Alexandra Zabroske, CDALGeneral ManagerMerrill Gardens
Kerri Zwolak, CDALExecutive DirectorSunrise Senior Living


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