SLCC – Proud Sponsor of the Argentum Conference Quality Improvement Track

As the proud sponsor of the Argentum 2017 Senior Living Executive Conference Quality Improvement Learning Track, SLCC would like to share a few PowerPoint presentations from the conference that will help you set and achieve new goals through the lessons learned and best practices of knowledgeable business and caregiver experts.

Managing Risk in Senior Living Communities

What are the areas of greatest risk vulnerability in senior living communities? What are “realistic expectations,” and how might they impact risk management? Discover the answers to these questions while also identifying the various constituencies within a community that can improve or impede progress in managing risk.

PPT: Managing Risk in Senior Living Communities

Quality Improvement in Senior Living: The Need for Objective Data

Beyond initial determination of the services a resident needs during the senior living admission process, there is typically sparse data about how staff provide that care daily. Additionally, many communities offer exercise, social and activity programs with little data about the impact of such programs on residents’ functioning and quality of life. Learn about the usefulness of objective data for assessing the quality of daily care delivery and evaluating the appropriateness and impact of programs in this care setting. Representatives from two senior living communities will describe practical examples of ways they have utilized objective data to assess care quality, evaluate structured
activity programs and guide improvement efforts.

PPT: Quality Improvement in Senior Living: The Need for Objective Data

The Impact of Arbitration Agreements on Senior Living

Learn about the pros and cons of using arbitration agreements, their financial and community impact, how arbitration law is evolving in the senior living industry, and how to craft arbitration agreements for use during the move-in process.

PPT Part 1: What Have We Learned and Where are We Going?
PPT Part 2: Arbitration Agreements and the Admission Process

Additional PowerPoint Presentations

Access additional conference PowerPoint presentations online.