Exam Preparation

The best preparation for the CDAL exam is experience as an executive director. Candidates are encouraged to join the CDAL LinkedIn Group to discuss with their peers topics related to the responsibilities and knowledge of an executive director.  

NEW! SLCC Practice Test

A 50-question, online practice test is available to all professionals preparing for the CDAL examination. The intent of the practice exam is to give you experience with taking an online exam, the format of the questions, and the type of content that you will see on the actual exam. Upon conclusion of the practice exam, you will receive a report that will let you know how many questions you answered correctly overall. The score report also will contain each question, your response, the correct response, and an explanation of the correct answer. Note that, at this time, only one version of the practice test is available. 

Official CDAL Practice Examination: $75

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Additional Executive Director Resources

The Senior Living Certification Commission does not endorse or approve any programs or resources that are marketed or intended to prepare candidates to take the examination. The resources listed below are shared for the convenience of candidates who may be interested in further reading on the job responsibilities and skillset of an executive director. At this time, the Senior Living Certification Commission is aware of only one executive director resource. Additional resources will be listed when they become available.

Argentum Assisted Living Community Executive Director Primer (Sept 2017)

The Assisted Living Community Executive Director Primer provides senior living executive directors information on how to be more effective in their jobs. The resource was developed by a panel of subject matter experts (SMEs) in the management of assisted living communities, and is further validated by a larger pool of executive directors from across the country. This tool helps executive directors augment skills and knowledge in various domains of study critical to performance excellence. Shipping and tax is included in the price of the primer.

Non-Member: $325
Argentum Member: $250
Argentum Member Bulk (10-49): $225
Argentum Member Bulk (50+): $195