Elevate An Industry

There are a number of incentives for developing credentialing programs and opportunities. Most notably, a credentialing program can provide consumers a measure for evaluating a service provider or professional and can provide those professionals a basis for possessing the knowledge and skills demanded by consumers within a given industry. For the senior living industry, certified professionals can demonstrate to residents and their family members that they are knowledgeable specialists with a proven skill set to effectively meet and manage care and service needs.

Anne Hoeksema, an executive director with Pathway Senior Living, recently earned the Certified Director of Assisted Living (CDAL) credential.  She believes the credential provides extra reassurance to families and residents. “The CDAL is a differentiator,” said Hoeksema. “Companies are looking for serious professionals to lead teams, and families are looking for security that you have the resources and best practices to provide the very best to care for their loved one.”

Exemplifying a commitment to quality and a dedication to providing excellent care are both keys to achieving CDAL certification and critical to the overall success of the senior living industry. “I believe that this certification will tell our peers and the larger community at hand that we are here because we have the desire to make life the best it can be for our seniors,” said Janice Ryalls, an executive director with Elmcroft, who also recently received her CDAL certification.

From 2009-2014, the Institute for Credentialing Excellence saw a 150% increase in certification applications, indicating that industries and companies see value in providing opportunities to further professional development through certification.


Certification Benefits

  • Ongoing Validation
  • Job Satisfaction/Retention
  • Market Competition
  • Reduces risk/exposure
Certification Applications Are on the Rise. Between 2009-2014, new applications were up 150%.

What is SLCC Certification?

The SLCC’s Assisted Living Executive Director Certification program was developed by practicing subject matter experts in senior living, and is based on the unique knowledge and skills required by the executive director, as identified through an extensive job analysis. Utilizing standards for best practice in the certification field, this voluntary certification program takes existing state licensing requirements to the next level. The Certified Director of Assisted Living (CDAL) examination provides a mechanism to measure judgment, application of knowledge and problem-solving abilities. Like other credentialing programs, the CDAL credential demonstrates attainment of consistent, relevant, measurable and industry-recognized standards of practice in the assisted living executive director role.